Meet Keith

All my life I was always the one behind the camera.
I was the one who looked at life and found beauty and joy through the simple things our planet offers.

I love creating art and find it so satisfying to offer my passion to others to provide them with Everlasting Memories. I took photography at UNLV. I found that the Wedding Shoots really met the goals and satisfaction that I was looking for as a professional. I truly love what I do. I get joy from giving and sharing in a couples special day and feel honored and blessed to share in one of the most important days in a couples life. I give 110 % in every shoot and really pay attention to your needs as I gently capture the true essence of what the couples energy has to reveal. I constantly receive letters of thanks, and gratitude for make the couples day a once in a lifetime experience.

I look forward to capturing your special day.


"Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of the one who sees."