Las Vegas wedding photography at the Bellagio Hotel, Caesers Palace Hotel, Mirage Hotel, Venetian Hotel and The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Is the photography session better during the day or night?

Night time wedding photography on the Las Vegas Strip has it's glamour and sparkling lights however is the night time the right time to do your wedding photography?

I have been performing Las Vegas Strip Tours for 15 years and want to share the following information to all couples looking for wedding photography on the Las Vegas Strip :

When shooting at night the main source of light for the couples is a flash. Those lights are harsh and most of times not flattering to the subject.

Below is a link from google to show you visually of how it looks at night.
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The amount of editing that goes into those pictures is very time consuming. If you are not paying for editing the pictures are usually over exposed and over flashed. It takes work to make them look good and that is why some photographers charge a hi fee to shoot them.

The Las Vegas Hotels all block sections off so the general public can't interfere in the composure of the picture. Most free lance photographers do not have that luxury.

The traffic on the strip is almost at a stand still and it can take 15 to 30 minutes to cross a major street. If you paying by the hour your session you could wind up with a lot of traveling and limited picture time. Trying to find a place to park can be frustrating and nearly impossible at night.

There is also a tremendous amount of tourists around the popular backdrops like the Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace Fountains, The Venetian Hotel Gondolas, The Mirage Volcano and other hot spots around the strip. This creates a difficult situation to get images without anyone in them except the wedding couple!

Finally there is no natural light. Lighting is the key to great photography. This leads me to explain all the benefits of shooting in the morning and early afternoon on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Las Vegas Strip is the complete opposite in regards to the natural light. In the morning and early afternoon the Las Vegas Strip receives natural light and direct sunlight which provides beautiful color in the images.. In the late afternoon when the sun goes west behind the hotels the strip turns a blue/grey tone and isn't the most satisfactory lighting for a wedding photography shoot.

There are also a lot of areas open to the public during the day that need indirect and direct lighting to give the beautiful detail in the landscape and structures. Areas such as the waterfall inside the Palazzo Hotel have big beautiful skylight windows which let in natural light and provides for ideal photography.

If you look at my Las Vegas Strip Photography Tour Gallery below, you will see what I am writing about. There is vibrant color, soft lighting and a lot of detail in the pictures that you can not get at nighttime.

I suggest doing the photography session in the morning to mid afternoon to get the maximum benefits of your photography shoot and the best picture quality.