Affordable, Elopement, Just for a couple, Las Vegas Destination Wedding Tips for individuals on a budget and looking for a afforable Las Vegas wedding or Las Vegas Wedding Package.

If you are coming to Fabulous Las Vegas (Wedding Capitol of the World), I suggest a few things to consider. This applies for small destination Las Vegas wedding groups, elopement couples, just 2, and couples looking into Las Vegas Chapels, Hotel Chapels.

The Las Vegas Chapels are awesome. The hotels and the chapels on the strip have so many choices, however if you are looking to save money, it is better to find a local photographer that also provides weddings, or find a minister of your choice and then hire a photographer like myself to provide the service for photography.

The chapels charge a high fee to buy your images. It could cost up to $2500.00 plus to get a 100 images. I have had countless couples do a wedding at a chapel and then take there 6 to 12 pictures the chapel provides and then hire me to get there real wedding photos.

There are affordable wedding packages: Click on the link:

I suggest a intimate experience and have the extra money for fabulous shows, dining and excersions in our fabulous city.