Does Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography Mean Less Quality

All Las Vegas Wedding Photographers use either a Nikon or Cannon camera. The professional photographer uses the best lenses that allow more light into the camera with a crisp result. Technically, most professionals have the logistics of taking a picture down to a science. The big question is, why do some photographers charge a fair fee and others charge thousands and thousands of dollars? Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Vs ...........!

I can tell you that there are some lower priced photographers out there and you get what you pay for.

Then there are photographers who have a passion for what they do and get joy to provide Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photography at a affordable price. Keith Kaplan is one of those photographers. He has over 200 reviews, has over 4000 weddings under his belt and has provided countless couples from all over the world with Hi End Images at an affordable price.

The post work is truly where all the magic is performed and they are so many options of edits that the final products end results are limitless. In the old days you were limited in the results of a picture, but todays technology allows unbelievable results.

Keith has taken workshops and has the ability in his edits to provide you with breath taking images. He is at a point in his life where the joy and pleasure he gets from seeing a bride light up when he shows her a picture during the shoot is priceless to him.

One of the ways Keith cuts down on his pricing is by limiting meetings and letting the customer own the copyrights to his images. A higher priced photographer charges for all the meetings you have with them. It isn't shown on the pricing sheet however it is in there end price.

Instead of paying for you to view the pictures after with the photographer and meeting before hand, Keith does everything via phone, face time or skype. By cutting those hours down, he can charge a fair price and you still get the same results.

If you have any questions you can call Keith at 702-301-7929 or email him at

"Where Dreams Come True, It’s Not Just A Photography Shoot It’s All About A Once In A Life time Experience”

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