Style Comparison Of A Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Style Comparison (Please Read)

I wanted to share with you a very important piece information before you as a couple make your decision of choosing a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer..

Some photographers have one style. You look at their pictures and they are either very beautifully over exposed, some photographers approach there editing in a soft light color for their final product , some process all black and white images,  others vibrant colors, and also add in stunning lighting effects, and others a combination of various styles.

As I stated in my gallery page, we all use the same equipment and similar lenses. We all have to shoot in ideal lighting and other times have to shoot in poor lighting conditions.

We can change how much light comes in or how we minimize the light that comes in. There is no magic. It is all technical and the lighting has a big say in the image.

Most photographers today spend countless hours in the post department. It is very time consuming and the end product results are unlimited in todays technology.

Some brides and grooms like rich color, some like black and white and sepia images, some like faded images, and on and on. If you look at the golf course wedding gallery compared to my wedge wood gallery, you will see a vast difference in color and style.

I displayed 16 images to show you how different one image can look by the magic of technology.

I started out with a vibrant color image, and then to a more natural look and finally worked the image  down to the flat matte finish of a black and white photograph.

I could do so much more and add sun ray effects, make it darker outside, add spot lights and on and on. I am just trying to show you that it isn't the lens or camera, it is how we manipulate that image after the fact.

If you can take the time to look at my galleries, I showcase all kinds of effects and lighting choices chosen by the couples requests.

I am not limited to one style and I always ask the bride and groom what they prefer so I can satisfy their needs.

So please don't think that a $5000.00 wedding photographer does anything different then a affordable photographer that has the same skills. It is all about the post work.

I look forward to hearing from you to find out what style suits your needs.


Best Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Best Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer